The Key to Prosperous Lashes and Brows

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, We are sure that we’re all keen to look our best even if it might be with masks on. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your lashes and brows are definitely the curtains. And just like in a home, you need a good set to frame the windows! So take steps to taking care of and enhancing your lashes and brows today! Here’s a few tips we recommend taking for the Lunar New Year and leading up to it, to help you make your eyes the centre of attention on your face, for good reasons, mask on or off! 

1. Stop rubbing your eyes! 

We know that the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year can be super stressful and exhausting but no matter how tired you are, be it from work or from partying, don’t touch your eyes! Not only can rubbing your eyes misdirect your lashes and cause them to poke your cornea with each blink, the physical stress of rubbing your eyes too hard can cause your lashes to fall! So just don’t do it! 

2. Give your lashes a little Protein Peptide boost! 

This special secret ingredient is what ensures the strengthening of your brows and lashes. Not only that, they enhance the appearance of length and thickness as well! And guess what! Our very own ILASH and IBROW conditioning serums contains this very ingredient! We got you girl! It’s not too late to start on your ILASH regime every night to get results by the Lunar New Year! 

3. When we say take off your makeup before bed, we mean it! 

This is super duper important as make-up will clog up the delicate skin around your eyes which will make your lashes and brows weaker and more fragile than Snow White after she ate that bad apple! Because of that, your lashes and brows will become dry and brittle. Taking the time to lovingly remove your makeup will ensure your lashes and brows stay strong. So make sure that whether it’s for work or looking snatched at open houses, take off your makeup! You’ll thank us later. 

4. Eat a well-balanced diet

Pro-tip! A few superfoods are said to promote hair and lash growth! Among them are super yummy avocado’s, sweet potatoes and nuts! You’ll kill two birds with one stone by taking this step because you won’t only be taking care of your body physically but aesthetically as well. You’d be surprised what a few weeks of eating well can do for your body and eye curtains! But also, don’t forget that one or two bad days aren’t going to mess up your progress. Consistency (not strictness) is key! 

With that, we wish you a very prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year! May your lashes and brows be healthier, bolder and fuller with this curated "Niú Year, New You" set


We look forward to watching you babes grow in confidence and blessings! Stay safe and talk to you guys soon!